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Supporting documents and results from 2017 edition of the Partnerships Event (Belgium)

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The Partnership Compass

This is a partnership check-list. It is a tool developed to support organizations to get concrete ideas to strengthen the North-South dialogue and effective cooperation and to build up true partnership. It is based on Finnish and Southern NGOs’ experiences and views collected from Finland, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia.


Guidelines on Partnerships

Produced by the Europe Region WAGGGS and the European Scout Region, this document shows how different forms of partnership are actively used in Guiding and Scouting Associations around Europe. Approaching partnerships from a broad perspective, it offers ideas on how best to form them within Scouting and Guiding and, also, externally. Above all, the Guidelines provide practical tips on how to initiate, maintain and follow through a partnership. The document can be consulted or downloaded at the link below.

Guidelines on Partnerships – European Region

Marrakech Charter

The Charter encourages the establishment of multilateral partnerships with other Scout associations especially in the same geographical area and calls for active cooperation with entities external to the Scout Movement.

World Scouting wishes that the document is used as a guideline for establishing and developing partnerships- as it very clearly indicates the criteria for partnerships to be established between Scout Associations and other local, national or international governmental or non-governmental organisations. The document can be consulted or downloaded at the link below.

Marrakech charter (Bangalore revised edition)


The Declaration of Zurich for the Network

UNGUVU 2 project

The Unguvu project was launched as a multilateral project to foster partnerships between African and European National Scout Organisations (NSOs), and to create tools to support them throughout the partnership process.
The core of the workshop was learning innovative and effective techniques and methodologies for working on diversity and inclusion. During the workshop an important space was provided for peer learning and exchanges on good practices amongst the associations. In order to be able to share and support groups or individuals working in partnerships and focusing on the broad topic of diversity and inclusion. The ideas discussed during the workshop and the work done by participants, before, during and after the workshop were collected and this idea box was created. It is intended to serve as a collection of best practices for diversity and inclusion topics, identify potential challenges and ways to overcome them, especially through Africa-Europe partnerships.




The Partnership Map

The idea of the map is to showcase your countries most interesting partnerships with the rest of the world, letting us know what lessons you learnt from the partnership and the direction it’s heading.

We’re looking for pictures, video, twitter accounts, facebook pages, websites, online articles and just about anything else you can think of that will help bring your story to life. It doesn’t just have to be a big national partnership, we’re also looking for smaller partnerships as well like group to group ones.

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