Latest participant’s info- did you have a look at it?

Dear Participant to the Dublin Partnership Event,

 We would like to start by welcoming you to the event and telling you that we are delighted that your Scout Organisation has now confirmed your participation to the “Community Links” Partnership Event. The event will take place in Gormanston (close to Dublin), Ireland, from 10 to 13 March.

 Welcome on board to this sharing space offered by the Partnership Event- your input and participation will be essential to build the content of the activity!

     I.           Where to find information:

You will be able to find all relevant information related to the event on the website :

 You can also start connecting with the other participants by joining The Partnerships Network facebook page

 10 days countdown

  1. Be ready for the event!

1) Travel details request– let us know your arrival and departure times by filling the form at the link below by the 5th of March.  

This will allow the hosting team to organise your pick up at the airport.


2) Explore the background documents available for you on the website. You are also invited to share with the others any good practices, tools that would have been developed by your NSO related to Partnerships. You can post them on the facebook group.


patrol topic!3) Patrols: Propose a topic for the “patrols” or choose one patrol among the ones proposed

Throughout the Partnerships Event you will have the opportunity to work in patrols, focusing on a specific topic of your interest. Discussing, sharing experiences and opinions, looking at ideas for improvements and so on.

 Please use the form in the link below to propose a topic of interest from your NSO and/or pick one topic that you would like to join. The person proposing a topic should be part of the patrol and lead its dynamic. Please provide some details on your topic idea to ensure that the other participants can fully understand your proposal.

On Sunday morning we will ask you to present the main outcomes of your discussions briefly (10 min) in a creative and concise method that will be explained to you during your first meeting. The focus of your presentation will be centered around:

  • Sharing the best practices in the NSOs in your patrol as well as the challenges being faced concerning the topic.
  • Presenting practical and realistic ideas for improvement that came up in the patrol

 The fate of your patrol work does not necessarily have to end in a 10 minute presentation, we will provide you with the chance to document your discussions and ideas so that they can be shared with a broader audience (via The Partnerships Event website for example) or looked back on after the event by other participants interested in your topic.


4) Poster: Prepare a poster or a display with information about your existing Partnerships – this will allow all the participants to get an overview of existing partnerships. Please do not bring power points presentations as there will be no space to show them.


4) Schedule: The final programme  of the event will be made available by next week on the website of the event. Should your NSO have any best practices of partnership projects and activities covered by a session in the programme, please let us know. A space for comments and suggestions is available on the website of the event.


5) Open Space: If you want to tackle a specific challenge or explore another topic? – Then an open space will be made available to allow participants to exchange views on topics of their interest or showcase a best practice related to Partnerships your NSO would have developed.


6) Badge: Please bring a spare badge from your national association. This is a new initiative for 2016 where your badge will be stuck to a giant world map to show where everyone is from. After the event the badges will be kept and made into a commemorative framed badge board.


7) Bring the food specialities, traditional clothes from your country. We will share them during the international evening. A fridge will be made available at the venue.


We are looking forward to seeing you there!!


The Planning Team

“Community Links” Partnership Event 2016